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Hello NextLevel Family,

We would like to encourage you to have a Worship Experience in the comfort of your home or where ever you feel most comfortable. 

Church is not defined by 4 walls, but by people like you and I coming together to share the love of Jesus.  We make up the church.  

This is a new avenue to our Worship Experience and here are a few pointers to help:







Here is our Worship playlist for this Sunday - Enjoy, and worship with the set list on Spotify:


Be Present

Being online comes with a lot of distractions; your Instagram going off, emails, phone calls, messenger.  We urge you to stay fully committed and engaged. (don't worry those messages, and people will be around once we are done!)


The beauty of going online is that we now have the ability to be totally present during the Online Experience.  We encourage you to like, thumbs up, ask questions - get a discussion going, smash those reaction buttons and make sure you share!

Be Engaged

Don't just watch.  like anything we can take part in whats happening, or be a spectator.  We recommend you soak, be part of what is happening.  Take what you need to out of the online experience, don't just watch - be engaged.


Follow the link for the lesson plan for our NextLevel Kids.  If you like to be part of our NextLevel kids family or receive the email lessons, please connect with us.

Sit back, and enjoy this Message by Pastor D on 'Nuttin to Fear'

(will be available at 11am)

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