Hands and Feet of Jesus.

Lending a hand where we can.

Local Drives


February 12 to April 4th 2021

Twice a year, NextLevel church locates a shelter in need, to help not only pray, but provide much needed support, supplies and care.

This Easter 2021 we are partnering with Yellow Brick House.  You can drop off your donation at the church on March 28th between 1pm to 2pm, or schedule a pick up date via the link below.

Donation Wish list can be found at: Link


Yellow Brick House



Once a year NextLevel takes a special offering to help Children in need in Srilanka via the Dust Project and Paalam Project.  


Paalam Project & The Dust Project

City Impact

Current Giveaway ends: Feb 14th 2021

As a church we believe in giving back.  This year we will be partnering with local businesses to giveaway and spread love as we do.  We also believe in supporting Small Business especially during this time.

One of our mandates this year is also shelter visits.  We will have more details on this once Shelters have more information on their restrictions.

Partnered Business:


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