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Do you want to keep your kids engaged in church while staying at home?  take a look below at a few links put together by our Nextlevel Teachers


NextLevel Dancers

Our Kids love to dance and sing,and you can do it as well from your home.  See link below to a few dance videos our kids enjoy


Art Majors

We love to put our creativity in color.  Click the link below for a few downloadable coloring sheets


Song List

We make music come alive during our Sunday mornings, and you can join in as well.  Click the link below for our Spotify list



Our Teachers love reading to our kids.  Here is a link to a few downloadable books from the Bernstein Bears

online read.PNG

Online Reading

We are blessed with a few School Board Teachers in our midst.  With a quick registration we can get you on to an application called Epic.  It has tons of reading material.Click the link to fill out the form to get access!

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