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Hi everyone! Join us for this weeks lesson on learning about Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice for you! This week will be about the crucifixion and resurrection of our Saviour.

We encourage you and your kids to watch the lesson from home together and discuss the main point and memory verse.

After watching the video here are some questions you can ask your little World Changer, as well as a fun craft:

1. Who betrayed Jesus?

- Judas


2. What was Jesus doing when he was arrested?

- Praying


3. Why was Jesus arrested?

- Because he was claiming to be the son of God


4. Did pilot find Jesus guilty?

- No, the people wanted him dead.


5. How many days till Jesus rose again?

- 3

Here is a link to a fun craft: 

 - Tutorial 

 - Printout

 - Jesus’ handprint (young)