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Day 15: Fear

Feb 15th. 2021

1 John 4.18

"There is no fear in love. ... For fear has to do with punishment, and whoever fears has not been perfected in love."


God has asked us over and over not to fear throughout the bible. The reason he's asked us not to fear is because he's in control and His perfect love has the ultimate power to eliminate all trace of fear within us.

If we are still living in uncertainties and fear of the unknown, its time to turn over our cares to God and know that He's in charge and will take control. As we abide in His words, we will lean into abiding in His love. As we build and grow ourselves in god's perfect love, all fears will soon be gone and we will be empowered in him. Our trust will be directed in Him and not in ourselves. He is fully dependable, trustable, and fully approachable for all our needs.

Thought to ponder

What are you fearing? Seek Him today. Ask Him to remove all your fears, to replace it with His perfect love. Ask Him to help you trust in His faithfulness. He is near to those who call on Him

To Pray

Jesus, please help us to see you the way you see us - in Perfect love. I give my fear to you, I give my shortcomings to you, so that you can enable me to act out in love. Help me Lord to love myself like you love me, help me to love others the way you love. In Jesus name, Amen.

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