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NextLevel 21 Day Fasting & Prayer

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

//DISCIPLE// - Word for the Year.

Fasting is our key to going beyond surface level faith. Jesus wants us to fast to ensure our intimacy with Him is on point.

As we prepare for our fast, remember His promises for your life. Press in to this time of prayer and fasting, and watch God exponentially transform you and the lives around you.

Pastor Mitchella and I, have asked a few of our dreamteamers to also impart in the next 21 days. We are starting off the 21 day fast with Vision, and understanding the opportunities that are ahead of us when we seek God for direction.

How do we fast? How we do pray? Lets look at how Jesus did it.

Time To Pray:

Jesus got up early in the morning to spend time with His Father, and Jesus did it faithfully. He committed to it.

Make a commitment today, it can be first thing in the morning, at lunch, dinner or in the evening before bed. But choose and keep at it.


Jesus went to a specific place to pray. When we have a designated place, we can limit our distractions. It could be in your room, a corner of your room - just somewhere where you are comfortable to fully lean into God's presence.


Pastor M and I are about planning. We plan so that we can fully receive from what Jesus has to say/direct. Structure is important. Jesus also taught His disciples how to pray. He gave them a prayer outline. Our suggestion to help further your faith.

The NextLevel Sprint:

-5 Minutes of Worship (our NextLevel Worship team has a Spotify playlist)

-5 Minutes of Prayer & thanking God

-10 Minutes of the Word. We recommend we take it back to the basics - and use a paperback Bible. With Zoom fatigue, and constant screen time, sometimes the distractions of our phone can be hard when we are trying to get closer to Jesus.

Alright - let's do this NextLevel fam! Lets rid our mind of distractions, and get ourselves aligned with the Holy Spirit.

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