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Day 21: The Struggle is real

Feb 21st. 2021

Ephesians 6.12

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

The Struggle is real

In the Christian walk we experience many hardships daily. Hardships which are not only limited to the external fallen aspects of life such as, the world we interact with and relationships we have with people. However, the battle of our faith begins the moment we wake up each and every single day. Only a battle which resumes daily in our internal selves can challenge us right from the very sound of our morning alarms. The standards of holiness given to us by our Heavenly Father were only met by ONE person our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. From Adam and Eve to modern day humanity every person has fallen short of God’s holiness. Such standards have left the hearts of believers with conviction after conviction due to the sins we commit even if we consider them to be small or not frequent by the Spirit. The struggle is daily.

While we continue our journey in sanctification aspiring to be like our Lord Jesus Christ, we come to realize that sanctification is a slow process not aimed towards perfection but rather persistence. What makes our journey through sanctification so difficult? Why must it be this difficult to be like Christ? These questions ponder the minds of many believers.

The truth is according to the Word of God our battle daily is taking place in the spiritual realm. These struggles are beyond what our naked eye and minds perceive. Our enemies are one third of the heavenly kingdom (fallen angels) lead by Satan whom torment us and tries to knock us off our path in sanctification daily. As Christ followers we have been called to defeat not only the world and our flesh but the one who is in the world. Satan and his fallen angels are clever enough to know our weaknesses to expose us in vulnerable situations to make us fall into sin. It’s his army’s highly deceptive tactics which can influence our thoughts and actions daily that bring great adversity into our lives. The battles we are up against are beyond this world, flesh and blood. This is the very reason why the degrees of difficulty in the Christian walk are high. Sin has been defeated on the cross for us, however the presence of sin still remains.

To conclude on a positive note read this statement by fellow believer Corman Deo;

Because the Son of God came to destroy the devil, we need not fear the devil. We also need not wonder too much if there is a demon behind specific temptations that confront us. What we should do is become fully grounded in God’s Word. As we grow in our knowledge of Scripture, our discernment improves, and we find it easier to identify as sinister things that might at first glance appear to be good. Let us train our minds by the Word of God.”

So my fellow believers, lets sharpen our sword of the Spirit and continue to battle daily until we are one with Christ.

Thought to ponder

What will you do today to best equip yourself to overcome the trials of the enemy today?

To Pray

Dear Heavenly Father,

Bless me and guide me today in your presence. Give me the strength to overcome the one who is in the world by giving me the ability to discern every attack of the enemy. Father, I know with my own strength I am incapable of overcoming demonic attacks but however with your Son Jesus I have the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions. Thank you Father for your son Jesus and his blood. Sharpen my sword of the Spirit by giving me more encouragement to read your Word. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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